Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Classic Rock.....

Let me explain...One day Cari asked me why I don't do much with our sons.  I said, I do plenty with Doug and Todd, ask them. Cari and I were both turning 50 that January.  It was right before Thanksgiving and I was trying desperately to think of something that would be really classy for her and also to prove to her that my sons and I have a tight relationship.  We secretly got together and in 4 hours recorded this Classic Rock masterpiece.

I'm still working out the bugs on this idea.  A record album coffee table.  It's harder to build than it looks.  But in this one I put all the old records that I grew up with.  It's fun to look at it and go back in time playing almost every song over in your mind.  Those were the days.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Porky!!! When did you become my big brother??!! I love your blog and I love YOU!!!

Greg Nugent said...

Dude...I want one!

Greg Nugent said...

OK...the best these old eyes (and memory)can make out your albums include...
Beatles - Let it Be and Sgt. Peppers
Steely Dan - Aja
Eagles - Greatest Hits
Doobie Bros. - Toulouse?? Street
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
Loggins and Messina
Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive
Elton John - Captain Fantastic
Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac

How did I do???

kittrean tanner said...

OH my goodness!.... I want one before Greg!.... I have my BeeGees, Eagles, Donny Osmond (stop it) and more..... Wow.... what a great piece of 'art'.
:) xooxox

kittrean tanner said...

Wow... you're killin me... that video was ridiculously funny... Yes, sound proof that you do, indeed, spend quality time with the boys. ;)... When you are running around in the streets..."Hey hey hey we're the Monkies" music was running through my head.... and those red boots with shorts...I laughed out loud... I saw a woman in the Charlotte NC airport yesterday.... lace-up boots to her knees with khaki mid-thigh length shorts.... uh, no...that idea didn't really work out for her. Jimmy, you are the messenger of 'Fashion Statement'!
Love you and Cari.... sad to miss you last weekend....Mom said it was beautiful....and that you are all beautiful. I have heard that from her all my life! The beautiful Cardons. ;) So grateful to share the family bloodline. xoxoxoxo

Ree, G, lil T said...

BWAAHahaha! I LOVE the coffee table, but I have to say that I just might love the music video more. Great stuff and good to see you uncle-cousin Jimmy!
-Reann (Stradling-McManus)