Friday, July 8, 2011


I am a trend setter.  Like a palm reader or a psychic, I can see the future with certain things.  This has nothing to do with high fashion.  Most days my clothes are covered with sawdust, paint, dirt etc. I've tried coveralls.  They don't work for me.  My friend Rusty is the only guy I've ever really noticed who dresses good. (Except my friend Tiger,he dresses good too.) I've asked Rusty sometimes how to dress.  He is very talented in many things.  He puts on coveralls when he gets serious about working on stuff.  That's why I tried them.  I guess it's my body shape.  After about 3 hours I feel like I'm walking around in a really wet diaper. 

Anyway, if you don't believe me about being a trend setter, ask Cari.  Wait a minute, let me ask her first.
I did.
She said, "Don't say you're a trend setter. That is really embarrassing.  Just say that some things you think might become popular all of the sudden start appearing in stores and magazines."

I'm thinking (Well, what do you call that?)

OK, just to test my psychic abilities, I'm going to share with you one of my ideas that I haven't seen out there yet.  If this secret turns out to be a trend, I'll share some additional secrets later.

Secret #1
Re purposing very old doors into bookcases, the possibilities are endless, I'm building some right now, in progress.


Brittani said...

I love the bookcases! If I ever build a house, actually have one built I am afraid I might need you to build me a plethera of bookcases. But mostly I just love reading your blog!

Mamie said...

jimbo I am in love with the door bookcase... TRENDSETTER for sure! one day I would love to buy one!!! it is so beautiful

Cindi Mills said...

You are the greatest.. Keep up the good work. Love ya

Anonymous said...

Jim you are the ultimate trend setter and have always been in my eyes.I mean how many people would purchase their very own stop light, just to say they have one. Or a stuffed bob cat for that matter! then there were the cannon balls or what were thought to be cannon balls. I in a million years wouldn't have thought to purchase any of those things. So there you have it, you are on the cutting edge my friend and have always rode the fringe of the true avant-garde!

The book cases made of old doors are amazing as well, but we wouldn't expect any less from you!


Hammer Time said...

I LOVE the bookcase!!!! I'd pay big money for one(if I had big money) seriously love it! You make me laugh every time!

Anonymous said...

Kennard says,"I've already got one!" just kidding! The idea is really cool. It was good to see both again. Loves, Andra

Jaclyn said...

Look what I found...