Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Tools

I've been buying tools from the beginning.  I would acquire some tools as each project came about.  I have tools now for most things.  Can you ever have enough?  You get attached to some tools.  For example, I have a square bought in 1982 in Danbury, Connecticut.  I have used it on every project since.  I have an older model belt sander that I hope will last forever.  Because of the way the handle is shaped, I can hold it in one hand, and perform many tasks quickly.  I bought a newer model, not realizing they had changed the design of the handle.  I tried it, and it now sits mostly in his place in the hall of shame cabinet, watching his productive, happy cousin.  When your tools work well, when they are oiled, sharp, clean, and accurately set up, there is no other feeling like it.  

Which brings me to this part of the story.  The library room is 800 miles from my garage.  Can you build well with portable equipment?  I'm here to tell you I think you can. 

My Traveling Tool Kit
 This isn't the greatest set up, but it is what I have at the moment. 
I'd like something that works a little better. 
 Perhaps someday I will...my life isn't over yet.

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kittrean tanner said...

wow. okay, double wow....well, I should really give you one of these...WOW....W-O-W !
I guess you are not considered a 'packrat' because of the beauty you build with all of these things...machines....me, I am a 'packrat'....through and through... I get it from Esta... but, the problem with that is, I did not get her organizational skills to go along with my 'keeper' instinct. :( Do you remember the cabinets your dad built for my parents home?...the one I grew up in? They were amazing...beautiful. I think my mother still dreams about them. It is so great to see that you are blessed with your father's gift for working with wood. xooxoxoxxo