Monday, July 11, 2011


My Mom is 92.  She is hanging in there but fading.  Your parents have to move on eventually, everyone does.  So why is this so difficult?  I think I know.  Because she is such a beautiful person.  One of a kind.  She is my anchor.  My master teacher.  No-nonsense.  Devoted.  She seemed to sense who needed her attention and compassion, the most at the time.  She would move slowly from one person to the next "He who is in the service of their fellow man."  She has great wisdom.  She knows how to do everything in the right way.  My four sisters said that their efforts combined doesn't come close to what Mom could do alone.  A blend of humor, intellect, modesty, courage, and deep, personal, spiritual strength.  She is great and noble.

My Grandad Cardon died on Christmas day 1961.  I was two.   Dad told me all about him.  He said he wished I could have known him in his prime of life.  I feel like I know him pretty well from Dad's stories.  Now I have the same wish for my Grandsons.  I wish they could have known my Mom in her prime.

You come to the realization that her crowning legacy left for you is that she showed you how to live.  It reminds me of this quote, "Preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary, use words."-St. Francis of Assisi.

And you wonder how you can ever come close.  You think over and over in your deepest personal thoughts.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Mom... and when the time comes, you wish her a safe journey to the other side. My greatest desire for her is to be accompanied by the finest angels God has to offer.

Front  L-R-Jim, Mom, Kathie
Back L-R-Peggy, Doug, Pam, Sam, Dianne


Anonymous said...

Oh how I love this family. Blessings each one. Andra

Cindi Mills said...

This is beautiful. Granny is such an amazing woman with the biggest heart and greatest spirit. I love her.

Myron said...

I have only known a few people in my life who knew the true meaning of service to others. Your wonderful Mom and Dad were two of them. I loved them both.

Myron Taylor

Anonymous said...

Jim you write an amazing tribute to a truly elect lady. She has taught you and your siblings the true meaning of service through her example. In fact she has taught us all great lessons by her actions. What a wonderful reunion it will be with your Dad when she does decide it is time to go. I am sure the Savior will gather her in his arms and wisper in her ear "well done thou good and faithful servent!"


becgarcia said...

You really have a way with words. I love this post so much! What a bunch of great photos as well.

Hammer Time said...

Amen to it all! I just got home from NM. What an honor to spend time in her was like being in the temple! If I could be a fraction of the woman she is! How I Love my Granny!

kittrean tanner said...

Much love and my parents and others called your parents..."angels on earth". I am so grateful and blessed to know and love all of you. xooxoxxo

Ree, G, lil T said...

I wish I could've been at the funeral... Your mother was just a wonderful woman and reminded me so much of my granny... It almost feels like losing her again. I love our family and I'm so grateful we've had these beautiful Tanner women to lead us... This post is wonderful. Thanks!