Friday, August 12, 2011

New York City Skyline-Walnut

This idea came in sort-of an unusual way.  When we were first married I looked around our living room in our apartment.  We had a couch, a love seat, a lamp, and a stereo.  I was working for Dad building houses.  So I built some furniture out of two by fours.  Shelves to hold the stereo.  Some end tables for the lamp.  And a coffee table to finish the room off nicely.  We were then able to sit high style in our living room listening to music, reading magazines, and looking at the bare walls.  In the magazines I saw abstract paintings.  I thought, I could do that.  So I bought some canvas and paint and began.  It didn't go so well.  But it didn't matter, it was an abstract painting.  Then I painted a skyline.  I poked holes in some of the windows and held it in front of the lamp.  COOL!  A skyline at night.  Then I made one out of wood.  Then I made one out of exotic hardwoods and asked a computer friend of mine to build some L.E.D. lights to put in two of the buildings to appear similar to elevators going up and down each floor.  Now that I am writing this, why did I not pursue this idea further? The possibilities are endless.  Anyway I saw a popular photograph of NYC at night.  I scaled it up, cut out pieces of walnut to give some depth.  I ordered fiber optic cable from a place in California.  I bought a small fiber optic flower arrangement, took it apart and mounted the motor, light, and rotating color wheel in the back of the shadow box.  I drilled holes in certain spots for the windows and inserted the fiber through each hole.  I clustered the other end and mounted it close to the light source and PRESTO.  NYC comes to life in your living room.

9/11, 2001- It was such a sad day.  I thought of this skyline out of wood.  I had gone to NYC a couple of times.  We visited many sites.  I still have the ticket stub from the world trade center observation deck.  That was in 1977.  I was 18.  That was an amazing place for a small town boy.  I know that they are building something new there and maybe it will look spectacular.  But it is not the same.  I don't know what it is about those twin towers that made that skyline extra-special.  But mostly it is a sacred place now and I'm so sorry for all the people whose lives were devastated that day.  Sometimes life really can be the best of times or really can be the worst of times.  I guess there is always hope for a better day.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Rose Fish Tank

Last Summer, I built this cherry wood wall unit for Dr. Rose.  Now it sits in his office and made that room much more comfortable.  He wanted a space for books, storage, flat screen, fireplace.  And the coolest part was a huge custom made salt water fish tank.  As time goes on the beautiful fish and their surrounding environment should evolve into a stunning ecosystem paradise.  I hope to come back in the future to take some better photos.

I thought I would throw in some progress pictures for fun.  I think the full tank weighed something like 3000 lbs.  A rigid frame work had to be built inside the base cabinet to support the weight.  The most satisfying part of this project was making a new friend along with his wife, Melissa. 

I need a bigger space however.  Cari put up with the cabinets sitting in our living room half the summer.  Not one complaint.  That is one more reason I wash the dishes and vacuum alot.