Monday, August 1, 2011

Rose Fish Tank

Last Summer, I built this cherry wood wall unit for Dr. Rose.  Now it sits in his office and made that room much more comfortable.  He wanted a space for books, storage, flat screen, fireplace.  And the coolest part was a huge custom made salt water fish tank.  As time goes on the beautiful fish and their surrounding environment should evolve into a stunning ecosystem paradise.  I hope to come back in the future to take some better photos.

I thought I would throw in some progress pictures for fun.  I think the full tank weighed something like 3000 lbs.  A rigid frame work had to be built inside the base cabinet to support the weight.  The most satisfying part of this project was making a new friend along with his wife, Melissa. 

I need a bigger space however.  Cari put up with the cabinets sitting in our living room half the summer.  Not one complaint.  That is one more reason I wash the dishes and vacuum alot.


Erin said...

Cari is a saint! But you are amazing. It is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Holy beautiful!