Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Work Center

Ready for installation
Hello again. Sorry, it has been a while.  My post master general became very busy. Maybe I really should learn how to do this.

Anyway, today I was looking through my notes and discovered that exactly one year ago I was building the upper half of this work center as one of the last large cabinets to go into the library.  The concept for this idea started out very different with many alterations and this is the final result.  This was the request. Computer screen in the bottom center, space for files to lay in, drawers to hold CD's and misc. desk stuff, shelving for books, built in lighting, moldings inspired by custom woodworking in the Kirtland Temple in Ohio, a treasured national historic landmark and sacred space.  What a pleasure it was to make. 
To be installed above desk area on right

Week 1
Week 2
Week 4
I wish for you all to have a great and wonderfull Christmas season.

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kittrean tanner said...

OH my goodness.... :)... you are smart... yes, you are amazing with the woodworking... BUT, you are very smart to get back on the blog.... Your fans started to go back home. :O
Wait... I guess I am home. ;) ... well, I was almost tempted to start my own blog to pick up where you dropped off... but, no woodworking ... can you tell I missed you and your Mrs.? I did... so relieved and grateful to have you back...and YES! I will be waiting to hear from you when you come to the Valley of the Sun. xooxoxo